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UrbanPro exists as an organization to render services and deliver solutions in the critical areas of Project Management, Building Constructions / Reconstructions, Facility Management and Maintenance Services in the areas of Plumbing, Electrical Wiring, Extra low Voltage Installations (CCTV, PABX, FIRE ALARM, SAT/CABLE TV) etc.

Home owners have become busier in urban and city centers, and more aware of the need to identify specifically who comes into their personal home spaces. Commercial office space users want to be more focused on their actual core businesses, not spending company time chasing around the plumber or painter to come all the way from the suburbs….

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Since these skills are required for virtually everything that is made, building construction is perhaps the broadest and most diverse of building disciplines


Facility management coverage relating to CCTVfacilities management, maintenance, facility, building for facility management professionals from Building ...


Facilities managers need to examine a variety of factors when selecting hard flooring. Material cost, including installation and any initial flooring ...


We have experienced plumbers who have skills in not only solving leakages and fitting but can redesign.....


Our electricians are time tested, technical school trained, and skilled even in the interpretations..


Inclusive of logistics of removal, packing and carting away and delivery and even in the cleaning ...

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A project of finishing cleaning work at Vinto company.

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Featuered project at Amaco Company.
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